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Art Classes

Art classes are available at the following website:


The following classes are available. Classes are 6 weeks long, instructor led. Cost is a very reasonable $25 for new students, $20 for returning students. All classes except Abstract Art are in acrylic media. Go to lvs website for further information and descriptions.

Click on title number for description of class

#287 Abstract Painting #282 Artist's Workshop
#248 American Landscape #186 Pet Portraits
#211 Bird Painting #269 Trompe L'Oeil
#268 Floral Painting #225 Wildlife Painting
#200 Landscape Painting #255 How to Paint



#287 Abstract Art


This class is for people that want to learn how to "think" abstract. If you're like me, I look at a blank canvas and have no idea where to start to make an abstract, but you really really want to be able to create one. This class will kick your creative juices into high gear and give you ideas and techniques that will enable you to think, envision and create abstractly. 

Lesson 1: Beginning Abstract Lesson 2: Distortion Techniques
   Examples, types and techniques


     How to make distortion abstracts
Lesson 3: Division of Space Lesson 4: Simplification of Shapes
     How to divide space for awesome abstracts


     How to reduce recognizable subjects into simple forms
Lesson 5: Facets Lesson 6: Overlapping
     How to make wonderful faceted abstracts      Overlapping objects to create depth, form and movement


#248 American Landscape Painting

Come join us on a painting journey of beautiful scenery across America! This class is a lot of fun and is geared for beginners and artists alike.

Lesson 1: Key Largo Sunset Lesson 2:  Calif. Red Barn in Winter
     Vibrant sunset colors, ocean, palms and a pier


     Colorful red barn against a snowy background
Lesson 3: NH Covered Bridge Lesson 4: Prairie
     Old covered bridge with autumn foliage


     Old shack in a field of flowers exploding with color.
Lesson 5: Deep South Misty River Lesson 6: Arizona, Havisu Falls
     Learn to paint mist in wooded rocky stream setting      Gorgeous red rocks, waterfall into cool blue water.


#211 Bird Painting



Come join us and learn how to paint these beautiful feathered creatures! This class is a lot of fun and is geared for beginners and artists alike. It will take you step by step through the process of painting beautiful acrylic birds. 

Lesson 1:  Flamingo Lesson 2: Wood Duck
     Beautiful flamingo, portrait and basic feathers


     Colorful duck in stream with foliage and trees
Lesson 3:  Hummingbird Lesson 4:  Blue Heron and Baby
     Cute green metallic hummingbird and flowers


     Momma heron and baby with tropical background
Lesson 5: Owl Lesson 6: Macaw
     Owl in forest with trees and colorful flowers      Colorful macaw with distinctive feather patterns


#268 Floral Painting

Come join us on a painting journey beautiful flowers! This class is a lot of fun and is geared for beginners and artists alike. 

Lesson 1: Sunflowers Lesson 2: Geraniums
     Vibrant, cheerful sunflowers


     Colorful red flowers in a clear glass vase
Lesson 3: Chrysanthemums Lesson 4: Poppies
     Multicolor mums in wicker basket


     Fluffy poppies in a copper vase
Lesson 5: Roses Lesson 6: Mixed Bouquet
     Lovely red and peach roses      Flowers in a cut crystal vase


#200 Acrylic Landscape Painting

Come join us on a painting journey! This class is a lot of fun and is geared for beginners and artists alike. 

Lesson 1: Winter House Lesson 2: Oriental Tea House
     Simple landscape, house, trees and lots of snow


     Beautiful landscape, teahouse and colorful foliage
Lesson 3: Lighthouse Point Lesson 4: Autumn Millhouse
     Magnificent lighthouse on a rocky point, ocean view


     Millhouse, waterfall, pond and autumn foliage
Lesson 5: Purple Mountains Lesson 6:  Forest Waterfall
     Snowy mountains and icy aqua lake      Waterfall, pond in forest surrounded by trees.


#282 Acrylic Painting Artists Workshop

This is a special course,  for acrylic artists to share their own work, get advice from fellow students and teacher on something they might be stuck on and learn valuable tips on how to move forward as an artist. 

You will be asked to create or show something that you have already painted following the subjects of each lesson but you may use whatever paint or surface or colors that you wish. 

With each lesson you can also submit an already finished piece for discussion or help. 

Lesson 1: Learning to see Lesson 2:  The Block
     How to see with artist's eye


     What to do when you hit that artist's block
Lesson 3:  Painting from a Photo Lesson 4:  Painting from another Painting
     How, when and what to use in painting from a photo


     How to learn new techniques from other paintings
Lesson 5: Acrylic Paint and Supplies Lesson 6:  Color
     Overview of acrylics and how they are used.      How to use color, mix and create mood.



#186 Acrylic Pet Painting

Ever wanted to be able to paint an animal or a beloved pet? Photographs fade and deteriorate but a portrait is forever. 

Lesson 1: Basics Lesson 2:  Long Hair Kitten
      Painting fur, realistic eyes and features


     Paint fur and blend colors
Lesson 3: Beagle Lesson 4: Guinea Pig
     Shading and contouring


     Painting solid color, shading
Lesson 5: Hyacinth Macaw Lesson 6: Horse
     Double/triple load brush, blending, feathers      Subtle shading and washes



#269 Trompe L'Oeil Painting

Trompe L'Oeil literally means to trick the eye. You've probably seen the paintings on sides of buildings and on sidewalks that look so three dimensional that you avoid stepping on them or you turn to go into a door that isn't there. The illusions are created mainly by two things, shadow and perspective. This class will give you simple lessons in both to spark your imagination into creating your own pieces. 

Lesson 1: Stone Walls Lesson 2: Door and Drape
     Painting realist stone and marble walls


Paneled door with drape
Lesson 3: Niche Lesson 4: Louvered Windows
     Marble walls, recessed niche with fruit, flowers


     Perspective, louvered windows and sill
Lesson 5: Window and Beach Lesson 6:  Single Glass Paneled Window
     Beach scene through louvered windows      Teahouse seen thru glass window



#225 Wildlife Portrait Painting

Come join us on a painting safari! This class is a lot of fun and is geared for beginners and artists alike. 

Lesson 1: Zebra Lesson 2: Kaola Bear
      Shading and definition with only 3 colors


     Basic shading, blending short fur, foliage
Lesson 3: Lion Lesson 4: Tiger
     Learn long fur, shading and blending, light sources


     Paint realistic stripes, blend long, short fur
Lesson 5: Wolf Lesson 6: Elephant
     learn blended background, rough coated fur      Blend, shade with no fur, wrinkled skin



#255 How to Paint

This class is for everyone who has trouble with painting certain things. Ever say, "I wonder how you paint this or that?" Well this class is all about learning how to paint individual things so you will be able to incorporate them into finished paintings. These are "studies" and not meant to be full sized finished paintings. 

Anyone who has gotten discouraged and ruined a big painting because they couldn't figure out how to paint one particular thing, this class is for you as it teaches you many different techniques on some of the things that people have the most problems with.

Lesson 1:  Backgrounds Lesson 2:  Atmosphere
     Sky, clouds, mountains, trees


     Rain, sleet, falling snow, mist
Lesson 3: Trees Lesson 4: Foliage
     Basic tree, close up of bark


     Foliage, grass, meadows
Lesson 5: Rocks Lesson 6: Water
     Rocks, palette knife on mountains      Transparent water, water fall, waves



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