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An ACEO is a collectible miniature piece of art the size of a sports trading card.

The dimensions of the photo card are 2.5" x 3.5"


All aceo's are painted with acrylic on heavy 130 lb watercolor paper and sealed with a non-yellowing professional varnish.  Size is 3  1/2 x 2  1/2.

Each is signed and dated on the back.

Price for any aceo is $6.00.  Shipping is free.

Click on picture to see larger view


Eng Mastiff 2

BW cat portrait

Black Swan



Garden Hyacinth

Cat eyes

2 Giraffes

Andalusia horse

Black African Eagle

Blue Cat Eye


Black Cat

Black Siberian

Black Panther


Black King Charles

Beagle Pup

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier 2


Dragonfly face

English Mastiff

Giraffe 1

Giraffe Snack

Greenwing Macaw

Gray Tabby


Greenwing 3

Hairless Cat


Jap Chin Pup

Leaf Kitten

Leopard Eye



Look Up


White Schnauzer

Mule Deer

Owl Eyes

Peek A boo

Peeking Frog



Pug puppy

Samoyd pup

Scarlet on log

Singing Giraffe

Australian Shepherd


White French Bulldog

White Arctic Fox

White Cat

Wolf Moon

Worried Pup

Zebra Face

Zebra Path


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